Stock Photo Express

Stock Photo Express 1.1

Multithread upload of your images to selected microstockstock agencies
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Stock Photo Express is software that makes it easy to manage your stock portfolio, associate IPTC/XMP data with your images, and batch upload them to selected microstock photo agencies.
Features of Stock Photo Express
- Write IPTC data (e.g., image title, description, keywords, copyright) into image files
- Account for the status of each image
- Copy and paste IPTC data from one image into another
- Multithread upload of your images to selected stock agencies
- Get your financial statistics
- Keyword generator
- Schedule uploads
- Add any microstock agency which supports FTP uploading
- Status accounting for each image
- Metadata search in your images
- View IPTC and EXIF data
- Data templates' library
- Automatic duplicate keywords removal

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